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We have bulk deals on tube cane, reed coffins, and oboe staples. Minimum quantities are required.

Please fill out the form below & you will be sent an invoice by email (payable with credit card) within 24 hours.

  • Reed coffins are $0.35 each and it comes with grey foam inserts. Minimum purchase is 20.

  • Oboe tube cane (Rigotti) is $110 per lb. Minimum purchase is 1lb.

    • By default, we will send 10-10.5mm diameter but 10.5-11mm is also available upon request.

  • Student brass staples are $1.50 each. Minimum purchase is 25 staples.

  • Real cork staples are $3 each. Minimum purchase is 25 staples.

Please note the staples do NOT come with the Oboe Duck logo stamped on them unless specifically requested.

Shipping rates vary by weight.

Shipping to USA only!

Select item(s):

Tube Cane ($110 per pound)

Reed Coffins ($0.35 a piece)

Student Oboe Staples ($1.50 a piece)

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