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You are limited to 2 characters, including numbers and letters (no special characters). You can have all the staples say the same thing or have each staple be different. Please specify in detail when checking out. For more than 2 characters, or for custom logos/images, you must purchase the set-up fee and have a set-up number on file with us.


Examples of custom engraving (without purchasing a set-up fee):

  • Your initials
  • 2 letters: A, B, C, DE, FG, HH, etc
  • Any number up to 99
  • combinations of letters/numbers (for example: A7, 8N, 2P)


If you purchase the set-up fee, you can do more!

  • Your full name
  • 3 or more character combinations of letters and/or numbers
  • Your business logo (if you own your own reed shop)
  • An image of your favorite animal
  • And more!


Due to the customized nature of these items, there are no refunds or exchanges under ANY circumstances!


Synthetic cork staples are an affordable brass staple, at a length of 47mm,  and made with synthetic cork that tapers at the end for an easy fit into any make & model of oboe.


Natural cork staples are made of brass, with natural cork, at a length of 47mm. They are similar in structure to the Stevens #2 thin-wall staple.

Custom Engraved Staples

PriceFrom $1.49

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