Emergency oboe reeds are handmade reeds that are shipped the next business day; perfect for when you need a reed ASAP. Our emergency reeds are made with the same quality standards as our regular student/professional reeds, but the drying/soaking cycles are expedited. You will get priority processing and jump the waitlist no matter how many orders we have. We highly recommend upgrading your shipping to USPS Priority Mail during checkout to receive your reeds faster. Although we have a guarantee to ship out your reeds the next day, we can not control the speed of USPS once it is shipped. Refund requests due to the reed not arriving on time will NOT be made.  All our reeds are 100% handmade, made-to-order and finished over 3-5 days* to insure stability. They are tested to play at A=440 on a professional Loree Royal oboe and sanitized before being shipped out.

Emergency Oboe Reed (Next-day shipping)

  • All the nerdy details you could ever ask for!

    Style: American style scrape
    Cane: Rigotti
    Diameter: 10-10.5mm
    Shape: Usually Mack+ or Gilbert 1
    Gouge: Innoledy, John Mack model
    Staples: Real cork staples