Professional oboe reeds are made with real cork staples and are of the highest quality scrape and cane selection.  They have a healthy resistance for a wide range of dynamic and color expression. We focus on intonation, tone quality, response, articulation and stability in all registers.


Professional reeds start at $30 and choosing a custom thread color is an extra $1/reed.


All our reeds are 100% handmade, made-to-order and finished over 3-5 days* to insure stability. They are tested to play at A=440 on a professional Loree Royal oboe and sanitized before being shipped out.


* Orders with more than 3 reeds may take longer than 3-5 days, please be patient. Making a great, quality reed takes time. Thank you in advance for understanding.


** If your order contains an English horn reed, your entire order will be shipped together (5-7 days).

Oboe Reed (Professional)

PriceFrom $30.00
  • All the nerdy details you could ever ask for!

    Style: American style scrape
    Cane: Rigotti
    Diameter: 10-10.5mm
    Shape: Usually Mack+ or Gilbert 1
    Gouge: Innoledy, John Mack model
    Staples: Real cork staples