Student (intermediate) oboe reeds are made with synthetic cork staples to insure a proper fit into all makes & models of oboes. Classified as "MEDIUM-SOFT", they have just the right amount of resistance for students to learn how to use good air and are up to pitch to help develop good embouchure habits. These reeds have a slightly thicker tip to prevent accidental chips.


Student reeds start at $22 and choosing a custom thread color is an extra $1/reed.


All our reeds are 100% handmade, made-to-order and finished over 3-5 days* to insure stability. They are tested to play at A=440 on a professional Loree Royal oboe and sanitized before being shipped out.


* Orders with more than 3 reeds may take longer than 3-5 days, please be patient. Making a great, quality reed takes time. Thank you in advance for understanding.


** If your order contains an English horn reed, your entire order will be shipped together (5-7 days).

Oboe Reed (Student/Intermediate)

PriceFrom $22.00
  • All the nerdy details you could ever ask for!

    Style: American style scrape
    Cane: Rigotti
    Diameter: 10-10.5mm
    Shape: Varied, usually Mack+ or Gilbert 1
    Gouge: Innoledy, John Mack model
    Staples: Synthetic cork staples