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We have 2 expansions available as an add-on to the main game: Game Cards & Excerpts Expansions.


Game Card Expansion

An extra set of audition skill cards allow you to play up to 5 players, plus you get some NEW & unique general skill cards to mix up your game and an additional 3 blank cards to create your own rules!


Excerpt Expansion

During our beta test, our players suggested that we should offer more excerpt cards as an all-in-one resource for improving mock auditions. This expansion pack contains 34 additional cards of the most commonly asked-for excerpts in the orchestral (oboe) audition circuit and 2 blank cards so you can make your own! Please note that this pack does not contain the base game or the excerpts found in the base game.


Outside of the game, there are tons of real-life scenarios where you can use these cards as a tool or resource for improving your oboe playing, audition-taking, or mock auditions.


  • Shuffle the deck & draw a few excerpts for a mock audition.
  • Randomize your practice sessions.
  • Work on a randomly selected excerpt for a practice session.
  • Use them in studio classes/lessons to pick excerpts to work on.
  • Make a game out of playing excerpts at oboe parties.


The possibilities are endless, and our initial reviewers LOVED the dual aspect of having these cards - for fun & work!


Please note this is a discounted pre-order. Orders will start shipping late July/early August. Thank you!


SHIPPING: We can ship anywhere within the USA. For international orders outside the USA, please use our eBay store (click here) to place an order. We apologize to our international customers, but due to eBay fees, the price of the item is slightly higher than buying directly from our website.

Audition Game Expansion Packs

PriceFrom $9.00
This item is currently in production! Pre-orders are expected to start shipping late July/early August.
    • Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, BWV 1047: I. Allegro, mm. 1-20
    • Brahms Symphony No. 1 Mvt II: mm. 17-23
    • Brahms Symphony No. 1 Mvt II: mm. 38-43
    • Rossini Overture to La Scala di Seta pickup to mm. 6 to 21
    • Shostakovich Symphony No. 1 Mvt III Lento: beginning to 1 after [1]
    • Strauss Don Juan: beginning to B
    • Stravinsky Pulcinella Suite: Serenata [8] to 1 after [10]
    • Stravinsky Pulcinella Suite: Gavotte [73] to [76]
    • Stravinsky Pulcinella Suite: Variazione 1a [77] to [81]
    • Tchaikovsy Swan Lake Act II No. 10 mm. 1-19
    • Haydn Symphony No. 96 Trio
    • Bach Ich Habe Genug: Opening to mm. 34
    • Berlioz Roman Carnival Overture: mm. 21- [3] (E.H.)
    • Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 Mvt II, mm. 100-end
    • Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition "Tuileries"
    • Berlioz Romeo & Juliet: Romeo Alone 13 before [19] to 13 after [19]
    • Mahler Symphony No. 3 Mvt II, beg to [1]
    • Wagner Tristan & Isolde Act 3 Solo (E.H.)
    • Ravel Piano Concerto in G Major [6] to [9] (E.H.)
    • Dvorak Cello Concerto Mvt. 2 beg to mm. 9 (Ob. 2)
    • Respighi Gli Uccelli II. La Colomba beg to [6]
    • Brahms Symphony No. 2 Mvt. III beg to mm. 31
    • Bruckner Symphony No. 5 Mvt. II beg to mm. 30
    • Beethoven Symphony No. 3 Mvt. III beg to 28
    • Beethoven Symphony No. 3 Mvt. IV: mm 351-382
    • Mahler Das Lied Mvt II: Opening to 2 measures after [4]
    • Mahler Das Lied Mvt. IV: Opening to 4 measures after [2]
    • Rimsky Korsakov Scherazade Mvt II Opening Solo
    • Bizet Symphony in C Trio: [8] until 3 after [10]
    • Stravinsky Chant du Rossignol [58] to [61]
    • Prokofiev Symphony No. 1 Mvt III [44] - [45]
    • Prokofiev Symphony No. 1 Mvt IV 2 before [50] to 5 after [55]
    • Ravel Tombeau de Couperin Forlane: [16] to [17]
    • Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4 Mvt. III mm. 133-144
    • Blank card (make your own)
    • Blank card (make your own)

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