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Both our student/intermediate and professional oboe reeds are made of the highest quality American style scrape and cane selection.  Professional oboe reeds are made with natural cork staples and have a healthy resistance for a wide range of dynamic and color expression while student/intermediate reeds are made with synthetic cork staples to ensure a proper fit into all makes & models of oboes. We recommend using cork grease in your natural corked reeds in the beginning - they will be TIGHT in the reed well.


Student reeds are classified as "MEDIUM-SOFT" and they have just the right amount of resistance for students to learn how to use good air and are up to pitch to help develop good embouchure habits. These reeds have a slightly thicker tip (compensating with a thinner heart area) to prevent accidental chips.


For all our reeds, we focus on intonation, tone quality, response, articulation, and stability in all registers, however, the student/intermediate reeds may sacrifice in one or more of these areas to ensure an easier response and feel when playing. Reeds may have clear/invisible parafilm near the thread to help with sealing, longevity, and cane stability for all weather and humidity changes. All our reeds are 100% handmade, made-to-order and finished over a few days to insure stability. They are tested to play at A=440 on a professional Loree Royal oboe and sanitized before being shipped out.


Thanks to our new model of selling oboe reeds, if you see them in stock, they are ready to ship in 1-2 business days - no more waitlist! If we are out of stock, please check back later. The best way to be notified when reeds are back in stock is to click the "Notify When Available" button on this page. If you need a reed sooner, please check out our emergency reeds (subject to availability).

Oboe Reed

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  • When we're out of stock, we recommend checking out Manhattan Reeds. We fully endorse their student and professional reeds, as their products match the high quality you expect from us. Make sure to use the code OBOEDUCK at checkout to enjoy $1 off your order and the best quality service!

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