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This is the same tube cane that we use for all our reeds (Rigotti), available in 10-10.5mm or 10.5-11mm. Sold by the 1/4 lb.


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"Rigotti is considered to be the ‘work-horse’ of the cane world. It is certainly one of the most consistent canes we stock and is extremely popular, which also means we are frequently out of stock of the 10-10.5 diameter. The color is generally golden with medium walls and moderate vascular bundles and has a fairly even scrape. The texture of the cane can vary from batch to batch but it is quite easy to work with. When prepping and gouging Rigotti, the finished measurements can be whatever is most comfortable for you and your setup; it is not necessary to adjust the finished gouge. Finished reeds are focused with a full sound and the reeds have a nice life-span. A good all-around cane, Rigotti will generally have a higher yield of processed pieces per quarter pound. Recommended for all climates and elevations." - MMI (2012)

Oboe Tube Cane

PriceFrom $30.00

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